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Customized Team Uniforms & Jerseys From!!!

Did you know that™ can customize your team uniforms and jerseys?

Need Heat Pressing, Sublimation, ScreenPrinting, Embroidery, Tackle Twill… Custom Logos?

Check out all the other cool stuff our trained specialists have produced custom work for:

NHL & Minor League Quality Jerseys and Bags:
The Anaheim Ducks
The Ontario Reign
The Washington Capitals
The Columbus Blue Jackets

Hollywood Productions:
“The Office” TV Show (Feb 10, 2011 Episode)
“The Tooth Fairy” starring The Rock

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What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. The basic techniques or stitches of the earliest work—chain stitch, buttonhole or blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch—remain the fundamental techniques of hand embroidery today.

Machine embroidery mimics hand embroidery, especially in the use of chain stitches, but the “satin stitch” and hemming stitches of machine work rely on the use of multiple threads and resemble hand work in their appearance, not their construction.

Advantages of Embroidery:
Embroidered designs are a great way to add excellence and creativity to your uniform or jersey. Embroidery generally has a longer lead time than other types of customization, but the effect is quite nice.

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What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing (or Screenprinting) is a process in which a “screen” is made of a piece of porous, finely woven fabric called mesh stretched over a frame of aluminium or wood. Areas of the screen are blocked off with a non-permeable material to form a stencil, which is a negative of the image to be printed. The open spaces are where the ink will appear.

The screen is placed on top of the material and ink is placed on top of the screen to fill the mesh openings with ink. Using a fill bar, the mesh openings are filled with ink. Screen printing is most commonly used on t-shirts (many of us have seen this done in the mall), although a wide variety of items are now able to undergo the process.

Advantages of Screen Printing:
When it comes to creating many copies of a certain design (as with team uniforms or jerseys), screen printing is an economical way to go. Screen printing is also quicker than many other methods of customization. The colors tend to dry very quickly. Screen prints are also tough and sturdy. In spite of exposing the screen printed fabrics to harsh conditions, the colors do not appear weary and dull.

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What is Heat Pressing?

Heat Pressing imprints a design or graphic directly onto the material, such as a jersey or t-shirt, using transfer paper and a heat press machine.This process uses the application of heat and pressure to ensure a proper transfer. The pattern is printed in sublimating ink on sublimating paper which allows the pattern to transfer.

Basically, a garment is placed in the machine and transfer paper with the design is placed face-down over the shirt. The heating unit is brought down over them for a prescribed time to print the image on the garment.

Advantages of Heat Pressing:
Heat pressing can often work on a wide range of surfaces, such as clothing, mugs or tiles. Excellent durability and a professional look.
The biggest advantage is time. Generally, garments can be created in mass very quickly.



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What is Tackle Twill?

Still not sure about what type of customization is right for your team? Have you thought about Tackle Twill?

Tackle Twill, or applique, involves sewing down a number or letter made by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another material usually with a nylon twill. Basically, tackle twill begins with a “patch” of sorts that is applied to the jersey, shirt, hat or other garment that is then sewn to the material for a more rugged finish.

Tackle Twill is the most popular for both professional sports teams and school athletic organizations. Look closely at your favorite football, baseball, or hockey player’s jersey. Also look at many of the jerseys fans wear when watching the game. These jerseys have most likely been decorated with tackle twill names and numbers.

Advantages of Tackle Twill:
This type of applique offers a bold look to your uniform or jersey, but the stitching count is lower than embroidery, thus is more affordable while creating a three-dimensional work of art.

Tackle Twill design using zig zag stitch

Tackle Twill design using zig zag stitch

Tackle Twill Applique

Tackle Twill Applique

Jersey decorated with tackle twill names and numbers

Jersey with tackle twill names and numbers

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What is Sublimation?

So, you’re ready to order uniforms, but you’re not quite sure which type of customization you want? Between Sublimation, Tackle Twill, Heat Pressing, ScreenPrinting and Embroidery, it can get pretty confusing. In this next series, we will detail the differences between each type of customization to make your decision easier.

You may be asking… What exactly IS Sublimation? Sublimation is a traditional printing method in which a computer printer uses heat to transfer dye directly into the desired medium (jersey, shirt, hat…). Rather than weaving, embroidering or screen printing a design, sublimation applies the pigment directly into fabric in a vibrant and colorfast way.

The sublimation process begins by printing the design on paper using sublimation inks. The inks vaporize when they are heated and applied to the material. Sublimation is the easiest way to create a truly unique product by submitting your custom created label design. Most dye-sublimation printers use CMYO (cyan, magenta, yellow and overcoating) colors, which differs from the more recognized CMYK colors since the black dye is eliminated in favor of a clear overcoating. This overcoating protects the print from discoloration from UV light and the air, while also rendering the print water-resistant.

Advantages of Sublimation:
Sublimation is the easiest way to completely customize your uniforms or other garments and makes a lasting impression as the prints will not fade or chip off.

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Job Opp – Outside Sales Representative

Monkeysports, Inc. is looking for an outside sales representative to focus on driving sales to its team sales division for hockey, lacrosse, baseball and softball. See below for the job description:

As our Outside Sales representative, you’ll be a member of the Monkeysport’s Team Sales Group. In this position, you will work to strategically target potential institutional and private sporting teams and foster relationships which will generate and grow new business.

• Promote Monkeysport’s brand and products by cultivating relationships with institutional and/or private team coaches, athletic directors, etc. to generate and close new business.
• Continue to foster existing relationships to earn repeat business.
• Develop and nurture vendor relationships in efforts to achieve stronger buying power and improved margins.
• Work in a team fashion with customer service representatives to ensure order is fulfilled properly and efficiently and delivered in a timely fashion.
• Generate new leads and sales opportunities throughout the appropriate region.
• Meet or exceed defined sales quota and MBO expectations.
• Work as team to foster new ideas to stimulate growth for the team sales department.
• Follow and adhere to company and department business processes and policies.
• Be aware of customer AR Aging and work as a team to assist with outstanding collection efforts.
• Assist with execution of department marketing campaigns and lead generation efforts.
• Offer a can do “attitude” to customers and co-workers alike.
• Assist with cross-selling efforts throughout the organization.
• Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

• Superior interpersonal and written/oral communication skills with the ability to relate well and cooperate with others to effectively coordinate activities and accomplish goals.
• Proven success in developing new business and generating sales leads by managing a territory and selling activities.
• Demonstrated ability in negotiation with special emphasis on closing the sale.
• Results-oriented to ensure delivery of appropriate products in an accurate, complete, and timely fashion.
• Willingness and ability to work from home office environment and structure a productive day with little to no supervision.
• Demonstrated ability to execute on a plan and drive results.
• Working knowledge of SAP Business One (or like ERP solution), Microsoft Office, Microsoft XP, Credit Card Processing.
• Valid driver’s license.
• Passion for Sports!

• Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Business, Sales, Marketing, or a related field
• 4 to 7 years of successful outside sales experience selling to teams within the sporting goods or consumer goods industries.

Please submit resume to

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